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Michele H. McGuire


I am the owner of A Better Solution Wellness Clinic located on beautiful Marco Island in southwest Florida. I am a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse who has worked for over ten years providing anesthesia for surgical and laboring patients. During my time in the operating room, I utilized ketamine in my practice and eventually discovered through continuing education the benefits of ketamine in helping patients with mental health issues such as Treatment Resistant Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety as well as the treatment of chronic pain conditions.

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While researching ketamine infusion, it became apparent the benefits of other intravenous solutions. Intravenous ‘cocktails’ that provide individuals with a way to optimize their wellness. While oral supplements traditionally are only twenty percent absorbed, intravenous supplements are 100% absorbed due to the inherent bioavailability provided by the solution. These treatments are revolutionary for individuals seeking to optimize their wellness.

Then thinking ahead, I looked into aesthetic treatments. Having never done more than utilized a good skincare regimen, I started to research the science behind aesthetic treatments. It fascinated me. I have taught in higher education for years now, and learning about aesthetics renewed a sense of learning in me. It was all so fascinating. As a mother of grown children, I could appreciate the benefits of taking care of myself and feeling better about myself and my appearance. This was a game changer for me. I had always put my family first and now I wanted to do something for me. It is amazing what a little neurotoxin and great skincare can do for you to feel good about yourself.

We all just want to feel better….find our wellness. Whether it is rehydration after night out on the town, building up our immune system with an IV regimen, enhancing our mental health or getting rid of a nagging wrinkle or line, we all have a different idea what would make us feel better. Bringing these treatments to Marco Island is a privilege and I look forward to assisting you towards achieving your well being.

Michele H. McGuire, DNAP, CRNA, APRN

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